A craft cocktail room
11th & Howard in the Old Market, Omaha, NE
Build your own

The Berry & Rye is a craft cocktail room in the heart of Omaha’s historic Old Market district.

The Berry & Rye finds inspiration in Pre-Prohibition era-drinks, yet approaches its cocktails from an experimental, contemporary & culinary perspective.

Our reverse osmosis water system ensures that we use the purest water possible for our craft ice program, alongside the sodas, syrups and bitters we make in-house. We're uncompromising in making the best well balanced cocktail with fresh ingredients and quality spirits. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your cocktail, please send it back. Our goal is to match you with the perfect cocktail experience. 

Our room policy is seating-only. Much like a restaurant, we seat our patrons with a host. Not to be confused with VIP or exclusive access, we just want to ensure consistency in service, consistency in atmosphere and consistency in cocktails. We encourage an atmosphere where people come with an open mind, enjoy our laid back atmosphere and slowly sip and savor drinks over good conversation. 

Our cocktails are labor intensive, so please be patient. 

If catching a show at Century Link, Holland Center, Orpheum or just need a post-dinner drink, we highly recommend reservations. But if our 65-seat room is full, our host will simply take down your number and text you when a space is available. 

As well, feel free to text on your way down to get seating updates at 402-613-1331.

An early view of the Old Market. (photo courtesy of the Durham Museum’s online archives)