A craft cocktail room
11th & Howard in the Old Market, Omaha, NE
Build your own

A dedicated craft cocktail room in Omaha's Historic Old Market. 

The Berry & Rye finds inspiration in Pre-Prohibition era-drinks, yet approaches its cocktails from an experimental, contemporary & culinary perspective. Stop by and immerse yourself in this unique atmosphere.

For reservations, call or text:

Monday - Sunday: 5:00 PM - 2:00 AM

Featured Cocktail

Trinidad Smoke

An original Berry & Rye drink with Zaya rum, house-made cinnamon clove bitters, syrup created with S.G. Roi tobacco from down the street, topped off by a hand smoker, infusing the drink with a layer of earthy smoke. Served tableside, patrons can roll the smoke around in the carafe, until they decide it’s time to pour over a crystal-clear ice sphere.